Combating Global Communism

NOTE: I originally started this blog over two years ago. And then life happened and I got busy and I forgot about it for a while. ***Liberal and Leftist are two different ideologies to me.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so I think I’ll start with why! Why with everything else that’s going on in my life is starting a blog so important? Or maybe I should start with what! The people running this country can’t possibly be this stupid, so what the hell are they up to? Which brings us to the who, as in who are these guys and what do they want? The easier questions to answer are the where and the when because the where is here (USA) and the when is the last fifty or sixty years. Which kind of brings me back to the why. Why do I think speaking up now is so important? Because the United States is in trouble.

May 2014. Independence, Missouri.

It started as a slow crumble but the pace of our decline is quickly accelerating. We all know it and feel powerless to stop it, so we just go on with our lives hoping that someone will do something. Every now and then we get a sense that something is going on behind the curtain and we start to wonder if we should be the ones to step up and speak out. But then life happens, we get busy, and we forget about it for a while until the puppet masters of our slow demise come up with another way to sow seeds of division and weaken our individual liberties. Then we get fired up all over again and we think “what can I do”? And then life happens, we get busy, and we forget about it…..! I get it. We’re all busy. I don’t have time for this. But I have children and they have given me grandchildren. I must find time to do whatever I can to help stop the destructive forces at work in our country.  Which brings us back to the who, they are the progressives and they are progressing us towards global communism.  No! it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s an agenda!  

It’s like the movie The Matrix: the things that are going on in America are not exactly as they appear. Before I go any further, I  want to say, I think there are well-meaning liberals that believe they are advocating for and doing the right things. And to be fair, some liberal ideas have merit. But many liberals have become brainwashed by the leftists of the progressive machine, and for them, reality has become fuzzy and hard to find.

Leftist that control the Democratic Party, news media, public schools, and universities,  use identity politics and multiculturalism to divide us into groups of victims and their supposed victimizers. Then feigning compassion for the victims, the victimizer group is attacked regardless of guilt or innocence. Seeking division and mocking true justice, their goal is to use social justice to destroy our common bonds and the patriotism that compels us to fight for each other instead of against each other.

Leftists don’t really care about the victims they supposedly champion. They only care that the victims believe that their only hope is the Democratic Party and big government. If you think I’m exaggerating, check out how quickly they turn on women, Black Americans or anyone that identifies as LGBTQ, if they come out as a conservative.

Since leftists peddle human misery for Democratic votes, solutions to problems are counter-productive. Any attempts by conservatives to provide solutions to groups that leftist consider part of “their” voting blocs are immediately attacked by leftists as bigoted, racist, phobic, misogynistic etc. Hatred is then projected toward any well-meaning conservative since the leftist goal to create Democratic dependency is threatened by problem-solving.

The good news is it’s starting to look like leftist may have over-played their hand. Mob violence, assaults, and harassment of public officials has many people re-thinking their allegiance to the Democratic Party.  The walk away movement is seeing many Democrats choosing to walk away from a party that they no longer recognize. If you are currently supporting the Democrat Party and just starting to see the light, I encourage you to search YouTube for “Walk Away Stories!” You might be surprised and encouraged by the stories of people who are walking away!

*Cuban Americans protested Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Miami, Florida on October 18th, 2018. Being from Cuba they recognize communist tendencies when they see them, and they call her out for it.

** I started this article in the summer of 2016. Donald Trump was elected President a few months later. He was my last choice on the Republican ticket. I have come to believe he was the only choice for those of us who believe in liberty and American independence. President Obama was in the process of handing our Country over to globalists and it would have continued if Hillary Clinton had become President. Donald Trump was not supposed to be elected. Because he is a threat to globalization the liberal media has used lies, sound bites and his inexperience as a politician to try to stop his America first agenda. Putting America 1st should be the priority of the President of the United States. A strong United States is then in a position to help other nations.




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