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Billionaires With Bad Intentions

Leftist billionaires are trying to undermine our democracy.

Some of my family members have been telling me for years that George Soros is a billionaire with bad intentions.  I should have taken those family members more seriously and started warning people a long time ago. I have done my own research and there is no doubt that this guy is bad news. He controls much of the media and gives billions to leftist causes and candidates. While George Soros is the ringleader, other leftist billionaires such  Tom Steyer and Tim Gill also seek to undermine our democracy and subvert our values with their vast wealth. The Democratic Party is controlled and bankrolled by this oligarchy of the super rich that seeks to control the masses and undermine our government. To these people, we are just vermin that need to be controlled through lies and manipulation.

In Stephen Strang’s recently released book “Trump Aftershock,” pages 21-23 of chapter 2, Strang covers the evil intent of George Soros and his foot soldiers well. He begins by describing the coordinated street anarchy that immediately followed the election of Donald Trump:

“By November 9, 2016, battalions of left-wing shock troops accompanied by throngs of easily manipulated fellow travelers were being deployed in cities and towns all across the country. The anarchist groups made their intentions known with professionally printed signs, banners, and flags, hoisted by thousands of rent-a-mob zealots bussed in to storm the streets of New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Portland, and Washington, DC, on command. No sooner had the demonstrations begun than the liberal news media were celebrating the birth of a movement, portrayed deceptively as a spontaneous outpouring of defiance by ordinary Americans disappointed by the Republican victory.

But these protesters were anything but ordinary. Hiding their faces behind hoodies, balaclava masks, motorcycle helmets, and all-black gear, the anarchists claimed they were there to “resist and obstruct” every move the new president, his cabinet, or the Republican Congress would make. But the mobs, egged on in some cases by European Antifa activists, were hungry for violence as well. Store windows were smashed, cars were overturned and burned, and there were bloody assaults on innocent civilians. For the mainstream media, embarrassed by their own failure to read the mood of the nation or to forecast what had just happened, the violence was apparently a perfectly natural response. Can you imagine if Republicans had reacted this way to Obama’s election in 2008? The media would have roundly condemned them or any other protest in any duly qualified election by the losing side.

 The street gangs and black bloc anarchists may have been the face of the movement, but the guiding hand behind this carefully scripted insurrection was a man many assumed to be outside the political process. The Hungarian billionaire György Schwartz, better known as George Soros, was no passive observer, as I document in-depth later in this book. As perhaps the largest donor to the Democratic Party, he spent $27 million to defeat George W. Bush in 2004 and gave more than $25 million to fund Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, along with other Democratic candidates and causes. He funneled billions to left-wing groups such as, Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, the Democracy Alliance, the Open Society Foundations, and many others. And according to a 2011 Media Research Center report, Soros has direct ties to thirty mainstream media organizations, undoubtedly to influence and manipulate news coverage in favor of liberal and left-wing politics. Clearly, this is not philanthropy.

Soros made much of his fortune by predatory investing, crippling the European economy more than once, and virtually destroying the currency of several nations. In the book More Money Than God, financial writer Sebastian Mallaby reveals how Soros used the assets of his Quantum Fund in 1992 to crash the British pound and pocket a billion dollars. He was convicted by a French court in 2002 for raking off more than $2.3 million in 1998 by exploiting insider information and manipulating shares of the French bank Société Générale. His subsequent appeals failed before the European Court, and he was fined 2.2 million euros, equivalent to the amount he profited.

But none of this stopped Soros from creating and funding left-wing groups to undermine democratic institutions, the capitalist system, and the government of the United States. Soros has contributed $32 billion to fund the Open Society Foundations, which works in more than a hundred countries around the world and pushes an open borders agenda. In the past, no one seemed to understand the danger posed by Soros or the groups he supports. More recently it’s become widely known by conservatives that the open borders policies of such groups are largely responsible for the immigration debacle that has devastated Western Europe and is threatening to do the same in the United States. In the aftermath of Trump’s election, Soros reportedly gave $18 billion to the foundation for immediate action against the president—meaning more demonstrations and violence if needed.

While claiming to be an independent objective research organization, Media Matters is better known as a leftist smear machine whose mission is to discredit conservatives by any and all means necessary. The organization is funded by Soros and other left-wing activists through the Democracy Alliance, composed of around one hundred left-leaning millionaires and billionaires, and related 501(c)4 activist organizations. As described by authors David Horowitz and Richard Poe:
     “George Soros is the architect of a “Shadow Party” which operates much like a network of holding companies coordinating the disparate branches of this movement, both inside and outside the Democratic Party, and leading them toward the goal of securing state power. Once attained, that power will be used to effect a global transformation—economic, social and political.”

Although some in the Democratic Party would be shocked by the degree to which this shadow party has infiltrated and manipulated their community, large numbers of Democrat loyalists have been drawn in as willing participants and defenders of a revolutionary assault on traditional values. Much of the invective directed at Donald Trump and the Republican Party is a direct result of the heated rhetoric emanating from individuals and groups who repudiate the authentic history of this country. Funded by megarich ideologues and radicals, these groups and the foot soldiers they’ve empowered are working methodically to transform the nation into something our ancestors would never recognize, and which they would deeply regret.”  – “Trump Aftershock”

Closer to home, in South Dakota, a man named Billy Sutton, a Democrat, is running for governor. I have never seen so many TV ads by one candidate since I moved to South Dakota in 1989. Not even close. There is no doubt he is being bankrolled by leftist groups funded by the likes of George Soros if not George Soros himself.  My sister in Florida says it is well-known in her state that Andrew Gillum, another  Democrat running for governor is being funded by George Soros and Tom Steyer, and he admits as much in this video.

Donald Trump was elected by millions of people who realized, no matter who was in power, our Country kept going in the same wrong direction. Whether you like it or not he is our last chance. Donald Trump and his administration are trying to give our government back to the people for safekeeping, while leftist billionaires like George Soros, his treasonous foot soldiers in our government, and people duped by a controlled press, stand in their way.

I am not calling for incivility unless absolutely necessary. What I am calling for is that people get out and vote. And as weird as it sounds, when I say don’t vote Democrat it’s not out of any political bias, but out of the realization that the Democratic Party to a much greater extent than the Republican Party, is controlled and funded by leftist billionaires. This is no longer about Democrat vs Republican, it’s about globalism vs patriotism and religious persecution vs religious freedom.

I wish this was a conspiracy theory but there is too much evidence to the contrary.  The best way to combat this leftist agenda is by being bold and courageous to share the truth, since the only way to combat darkness is to shine the light on it. And then pray that the truth would go forth, that God would fight for and bless the United States of America, and that peace would prevail!   “That this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” 

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** Stephen Strang’s book “Trump Aftershock”  gives a good glimpse of what kind of man George Soros is and how he controls the leftist agenda, the Democratic Party as well as many Republicans. Strang gives references throughout his book to where he got his information. I highly recommend you get the book and check it out.


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