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School Vouchers & The Separation of Church and State

Note:  I am not arguing for a theocracy but against an atheocracy or a society that is actively hostile to religious faith and religious believers.

The argument for the “separation of church and state” as advanced by some radical atheist groups is not based on truth but on a lie that has been told repeatedly. And, while I don’t condemn anyone who unwittingly believes this lie, I do take issue with those that knowingly perpetuate the lie. These are those that claim that the mere mention of God is unconstitutional in the public space, while they simultaneously promote the indoctrination of our children into secular humanism and Marxism in our public schools, colleges, and universities.

This lie is promulgated in our public school system when a child is told that it is unlawful to bring a Bible to school, write a report on a Biblical character, or wear a shirt with a Biblical message on it, all acts that are protected by the “free exercise” clause in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  While this type of public shaming by school administrators would be considered inappropriate in other instances, exceptions are made by radical atheists when it fits their agenda to advance their doctrine and remove opposing views. (Kudos to those  administrators and educators that know the law and take care to see that it is applied correctly.)

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Billionaires With Bad Intentions

Leftist billionaires are trying to undermine our democracy.

Some of my family members have been telling me for years that George Soros is a billionaire with bad intentions.  I should have taken those family members more seriously and started warning people a long time ago. I have done my own research and there is no doubt that this guy is bad news. He controls much of the media and gives billions to leftist causes and candidates. While George Soros is the ringleader, other leftist billionaires such  Tom Steyer and Tim Gill also seek to undermine our democracy and subvert our values with their vast wealth. The Democratic Party is controlled and bankrolled by this oligarchy of the super rich that seeks to control the masses and undermine our government. To these people, we are just vermin that need to be controlled through lies and manipulation.

In Stephen Strang’s recently released book “Trump Aftershock,” pages 21-23 of chapter 2, Strang covers the evil intent of George Soros and his foot soldiers well. He begins by describing the coordinated street anarchy that immediately followed the election of Donald Trump: Continue reading

Combating Global Communism

NOTE: I originally started this blog over two years ago. And then life happened and I got busy and I forgot about it for a while. ***Liberal and Leftist are two different ideologies to me.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, so I think I’ll start with why! Why with everything else that’s going on in my life is starting a blog so important? Or maybe I should start with what! The people running this country can’t possibly be this stupid, so what the hell are they up to? Which brings us to the who, as in who are these guys and what do they want? The easier questions to answer are the where and the when because the where is here (USA) and the when is the last fifty or sixty years. Which kind of brings me back to the why. Why do I think speaking up now is so important? Because the United States is in trouble.

May 2014. Independence, Missouri.

It started as a slow crumble but the pace of our decline is quickly accelerating. We all know it and feel powerless to stop it, so we just go on with our lives hoping that someone will do something. Every now and then we get a sense that something is going on behind the curtain and we start to wonder if we should be the ones to step up and speak out. But then life happens, we get busy, and we forget about it for a while until the puppet masters of our slow demise come up with another way to sow seeds of division and weaken our individual liberties. Then we get fired up all over again and we think “what can I do”? And then life happens, we get busy, and we forget about it…..! I get it. We’re all busy. I don’t have time for this. But I have children and they have given me grandchildren. I must find time to do whatever I can to help stop the destructive forces at work in our country.  Which brings us back to the who, they are the progressives and they are progressing us towards global communism.  No! it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s an agenda!  

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