Politics and Racism – How Democrats and Media inflame Americans For Political Gain!

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Hi, today on Dave’s Worldview, I want to talk about how some politicians and journalists try to use racism and charges of racism for political gain. For the purpose of this video, when I mention Democrats, I am explicitly referring to the Democratic Party leadership, not individual Democrats.

As a conservative, I am tired and angry at being labeled a racist by the Democratic Party every two years. When you consider that the Democratic Party is the party of the KKK, slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow laws, I think my anger is reasonable. Unfortunately, the leftists in media and public education have successfully kept these truths about the Democratic Party from the people.

The Democratic Party stirs up racism and directs accusations of racism towards their political opponents every two years to energize their base of supporters and as part of their get out the vote strategy.

Just imagine the outrage from the media if a Republican presidential candidate, referring to their opponents, had said to a predominately black audience, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.” That is precisely what Democrat Joe Biden said when he was involved in the 2012 presidential race. Or how about what Joe said in 2020, and I’m quoting Joe Biden again, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

And let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi saying that Republicans “were trying to get away with murder, actually the murder of George Floyd.” Pelosi felt justified to act as a political arsonist and throw gasoline on fires burning in Democrat-run cities across America, simply because, in her opinion, the bill that black Republican Senator Tim Scott put forth didn’t go far enough in areas of police reform.

Never mind that George Floyd was murdered in a city run by a Democrat mayor since 1973, whose police chief was appointed by a Democrat, in a state with two Democrat senators, a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican President since Nixon. None of those facts matter to the left. What matters to them is figuring out how to use racism or accusations of racism to their pollical advantage. So, in a city entirely run by Democrats, Nancy Pelosi tries to pin the death of George Floyd on Republicans.

Shockingly, Pelosi received almost no blowback from the press for a comment she probably had prepared for use no matter what the Republicans had proposed.

I found Pelosi’s comments even more outrageous after watching Senator Scott explain on C-Span how the Democratic leadership in the Senate blocked the advancement of his police reform bill despite his offer to agree to multiple amendments. First, they asked for five amendments, and the Republicans agreed to allow them. Then they asked for twenty amendments, and the Republicans agreed to allow them. The Democrats still walked out. He even offered a manager’s amendment, which apparently, would have given the Democrats more power to craft changes to the bill. Senator Scott then makes the case that the Democrats were only playing Presidential politics and not trying to do what was best for the nation.

According to Senator Scott, the problem with the legislation was not the bill’s content but who was offering the legislation. His opinion was that the last thing the Democrats wanted to do was pass a police reform legislation that a Republican initiated.  Click here to watch “Senator Tim Scott’s remarks following  Justice Act vote” It is worth the 30 minutes of your time to get the education he offers in basic civics and partisan politics.

And unfortunately, if you happened to catch any of the first days of the Virtual Democratic National Convention, the Democrats made it very clear that they are planning on going heavy with the racism theme until the election.

This brings me to the leftist media – those unelected representatives of the Democratic Party. Any discussion of how the Democrats use racism to encourage voter loyalty would be incomplete without the lying hypocrisy of the press. These leftist activists masquerading as journalists will tell the public any lie that they’ll believe. Truth with them is never the issue. The issue is always that the lie is repeated until people think it is the truth.

Let me give you some examples:

President Trump, while answering a question that specifically referred to MS-13, called MS-13 gang members animals. The leftist press and the Democrats lied in saying that President Trump called immigrants animals in an attempt to hang the racist label on him. Many people that didn’t see the whole video clip still believe the lie.

Again, President Trump, in remarks on the tragedy in Charlottesville, North Carolina, strongly condemned the neo Nazis and the Antifa anarchists in the crowd but also remarked that there were good people on both sides, referring to the peaceful protestors. The press and Democratic leaders lied by insinuating that President Trump said that the neo-Nazis were good people. Listen to the entire video clip if you can find it. Google search doesn’t make it easy. While President Trump condemned the neo-Nazis and Antifa anarchists in Charlottesville, the Democrats failed for months to condemn Antifa and the other Marxist revolutionaries that burned American cities following the death of George Floyd. I can only assume their failure to condemn these groups is because the Democrats consider these Marxist groups their allies.

And once again, President Trump, in a closed-door meeting, called some countries shit-hole countries. A shit-hole country, in my opinion, would be an obvious reference to countries that have corrupt or incompetent governments and is not in any way intended to disparage whole people groups. The press and Democratic leadership deceived the American people once again in trying to spin the statement as a racist comment.

And lastly, and I could go on, President Trump wanting to build a wall because millions of people have come into our country illegally is again labeled a racist by the Democrats and the leftist press. As a husband and father, I must control who I allow into my house for the safety of my family. We should apply the same principle to who we allow into our country. It is irresponsible to act as if no criminals try to flee to the United States to avoid prosecution in their countries of origin. It is also disingenuous to give lip service to the tragedy of human trafficking but then fail to monitor activity at our borders. The Democrats have wagered that supporting an open border, and labeling all opposition as racist, will help them garner more of the Hispanic vote. Political power is always their end game. The Democrats and media even lied to us about President Trump’s administration putting children in cages at the Mexican border.  The press went as far as publishing pictures taken during the Obama administration to advance their lies.

For those of you that are a little bit younger, it has not always been this way. The press has not always been so biased that they would stoop to blatant lies. That is why President Trump calls some of them fake news. We have a media that is purposefully lying to the American people to advance a global political agenda.

Let’s be realistic here. The Democratic Party leadership and the leftists in the press will not let racism in America die because they need the votes.

And let’s not forget: As I mentioned earlier, it is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, and Jim Crow laws. It is the Democratic Party that supports Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. An industry that targets minorities by locating most of their abortion clinics within walking distance of minority neighborhoods. More black babies are aborted in New York City than born.

It is the Democratic Party that opposes the school choice and the school vouchers that minority families want and need to avoid sending their children to failing public schools. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party cares more about the endorsement of the largest union in America, the NEA, than it does the education of our children.

And it is the Democratic Party, and their leftist wing in the mainstream media use racism as a political tool to gain the power they covet. Telling minorities that half of America is racist to win elections is a nasty way to sway voters. We will never get beyond the race issue until the Democratic Party stops pulling the scabs off of the healing wounds of racial divisions.

As I said earlier, I am tired of being called a racist because I am a conservative. One of the reasons that I am a conservative is that I detest racism. And I detest those who use racism for political purposes while disregarding the damage and division that their tactics inflict on our society.

I read somewhere but have been unable to confirm that after the Rwandan Genocide, the Rwandan government outlawed using racist tactics in political campaigns. I’m not sure how that would work with what we have left of free speech rights, but I find the idea intriguing.

Either way, it is past time for all Americans to hold the Democratic Party and the leftist press responsible for using racism for political purposes.

Holding the Democratic Party accountable is easy. Voting them out of office and telling exit pollsters why we did so should do the trick.

Accountability of the media begins by tuning out those media outlets that tell blatant lies and tuning out those that are liars by omission, you know, the ones that consistently don’t cover real news that doesn’t fit their narrative. I believe that voting out Democrats that use racism for political gain and tuning out corrupt media would go a long way towards solving the racism issue in America.

Let me add one more observation. So-called progressivism, which is quickly morphing into Marxism, is the cultural waters we swim in every day. CNN pays major airports to tune in to their channel, and according to my niece, CNN For Students was the news media of choice for public educators in her district. If you want to hear conservative thoughts or opinions, you have to search them out. I always like to recommend Prager U videos at prageru.com. These short, little videos have over 4 Billion views and counting on a vast number of cultural issues. I also want to recommend “Fearless With Jason Whitlock.” Jason is a sports journalist with a black man’s insight and uncommon wisdom into how racism is manipulated by the left to advance a political agenda.

Well, thanks for listening. Earlier I briefly mentioned the Democratic Party’s opposition to school choice and school vouchers; I plan to expand on why I support the conservative position regarding education in my next edition of Dave’s Worldview. Please remember to like and share my video!



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