Dave’s Vlog


In Politics and Education, I discuss how the Democratic Party is in bed with the National Education Association. The NEA is the largest union in the United States and gives over 97% of its political donations to Democrats. You will understand why charter schools are under attack, and why we can’t get school vouchers.

In Exposing Critical Theory, I dive deeply into the roots and perils of identity politics and how this ideological cancer is destroying our country!


In Promoting Healthy Families is a Social Justice Issue, I expose the organization Black Lives Matter, its Marxist/communist roots, and how promoting the destruction of the nuclear family is not compassionate or social justice.


In Politics and Racism, I shine the light on how politicians and journalists on the left use racism to divide the people of the United States for political gain.

In Leftists: Stop The Hate, I slap back at silly hate-filled leftists and their hypocrisy!


In No Apologies Necessary, I run down a laundry list of reasons why I would never apologize for voting for President Trump. Compared to Joe Biden’s Marxist policies, Trump is easily the best choice! Say no to communism!


In Equality Act? & For The People? I destroy the Marxist/communist roots of HR-1, and HR-5. These two pieces of legislation will be used to demonize people of faith and create a one-party dictatorship!

In It’s Time To Be Outraged, I make the case that it is conservatives, libertarians, and true liberals that should be outraged at the far left and their radical policies.


There are only two choices, in Globalists vs Patriots I make the argument that voting for Democrats is voting for global Marxism. Choose you this day, liberty or tyranny?


Let’s Stop Identity Politics was my first foray into what I now know to be critical theory! Cultural Marxism is destroying our nation. We must educate ourselves on how to fight back!

No Moderates in the Democratic Party speaks for itself! Don’t believe the lie!