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Politics and Racism – How Democrats and Media inflame Americans For Political Gain!

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Hi, today on Dave’s Worldview, I want to talk about how some politicians and journalists try to use racism and charges of racism for political gain. For the purpose of this video, when I mention Democrats, I am explicitly referring to the Democratic Party leadership, not individual Democrats.

As a conservative, I am tired and angry at being labeled a racist by the Democratic Party every two years. When you consider that the Democratic Party is the party of the KKK, slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow laws, I think my anger is reasonable. Unfortunately, the leftists in media and public education have successfully kept these truths about the Democratic Party from the people.

The Democratic Party stirs up racism and directs accusations of racism towards their political opponents every two years to energize their base of supporters and as part of their get out the vote strategy.

Just imagine the outrage from the media if a Republican presidential candidate, referring to their opponents, had said to a predominately black audience, “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.” That is precisely what Democrat Joe Biden said when he was involved in the 2012 presidential race. Or how about what Joe said in 2020, and I’m quoting Joe Biden again, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

And let’s not forget Nancy Pelosi saying that Republicans “were trying to get away with murder, actually the murder of George Floyd.” Pelosi felt justified to act as a political arsonist and throw gasoline on fires burning in Democrat-run cities across America, simply because, in her opinion, the bill that black Republican Senator Tim Scott put forth didn’t go far enough in areas of police reform.

Never mind that George Floyd was murdered in a city run by a Democrat mayor since 1973, whose police chief was appointed by a Democrat, in a state with two Democrat senators, a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican President since Nixon. None of those facts matter to the left. What matters to them is figuring out how to use racism or accusations of racism to their pollical advantage. So, in a city entirely run by Democrats, Nancy Pelosi tries to pin the death of George Floyd on Republicans.

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