Hi! I’m Dave, and I created this website to try to give people a glimpse into what it means to me to have a Biblical or Christian Worldview, and how that impacts every area of my life, including the decisions I make and the people and ideas I support. Because my worldview differs from 70-80% of the mainstream press that embraces a secular humanistic worldview, my ideas about the role of government in our society and how we can best help and support the needy among us usually differs as well.

Most of the information in our society is filtered through the worldview of secular humanism, that information is often then perverted for political gain, by those who believe that there is only one way to progress and that opposition to their “progress” must be stopped at any cost. Secular humanists believe that you evolved from an ape, I believe you were created in the image of God!

Not everyone that shares my Biblical worldview will agree with me on every issue, but that’s the beauty of being able to think freely, to reason and to express ideas. And while not everyone that shares my worldview would agree with me on everything, we would agree that only a Biblical worldview answers life’s greatest questions!

My blogs are based on my observation, research, and by application of a Biblical worldview and Biblical precepts to the problems and issues of life. Amazingly the Bible is always relevant.

The goal of my Biblical Worldview page is to present the Biblical worldview in an easy to understand and practical way. Having a Biblical worldview is not based on faith alone, but on historical facts and philosophical ideas that can be applied to life’s greatest questions. It is a work in progress.

The focus of my Famous Quotes page will be to shed light on America’s Godly Heritage, but I will also include some quotes as a warning to dangers that lurk with the consequences that come when we embrace bad ideas.

I will try to make my point and not offend but sometimes expressing opinions is by its very nature offensive. I will try to keep adding content when time permits, so please come back often.